About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide families of Children’s Montessori Center with the highest quality child care imaginable. Based on scientific research, we institute three core components of a high-quality program, which includes above average staff salaries, lower child to teacher ratios, and providing opportunities for teachers to reflect on and cultivate their craft.

History of Children’s Montessori Center

Founded in 1990, Children’s Montessori Center has become a pillar of excellence in the early childhood field. Establishing a high-quality child care center to serve the town of Danvers and surrounding communities has been built upon the dedication and passion of educated and experienced teachers. With teachers classically trained in the Montessori methodology, and a combined 70+ years teaching at CMC, an inter-generational reputation of quality has been developed with former students enrolling their own children.

Hours of Operation

CMC is a 10-month program open Monday through Friday from 7:30am – 4:30pm from September through June. Our Toddler classroom serves up to 9 children with 2 teachers with ages between 15 months and 2.9 years. Our Preschool classroom serves children between 2.9 years and 5 years old, and our Kindergarten program serves children 5-6 years old before graduating to 1st grade.